3 Hacks On How To Be Consistent On Instagram

Ashley Tavares
3 min readMar 29, 2022

As you probably have heard before consistency is a must if you’re trying to build a community on Instagram, but it’s HARD.

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If like me you have an online business or are trying to grow a community and following Instagram is one of the best apps to make that happen. However like anything else in life, in order to see results from it, you need to be consistent. Both in posting regularly on the app and engaging with other users. Here’s how I do it.

Create a Routine

I have gone through many phases in my online journey and one of them was just being able to get myself to post. After much trial and error and inconsistency, I figured out that the best way for me be consistent was to create a routine around Instagram. And I know, we make hundreds of excuses on why we don’t have time for this but it’s an easy shift that you can make and if you want, really stick with it.

Once a month I sit down and write my content calendar. I take the main ideas I have for the upcoming month and maybe some ideas that were left behind from the previous month and I decide what topics I want to cover. The next days I actually sit down and batch create that content so that by the time it’s supposed to be posted, it’s ready to go. In order to not make the content look batched and to spice it up on the feed, outfit changes while I’m especially filming or taking photos is key.

The moral of the story here is: find a routine that suits you and your schedule and make it fit your life and not the other way around.

Schedule Your Posts

Now I have been that person that goes on and off of using third-party apps to schedule my content however if you’re having issues being consistent posting this can really help you. I’ve used Later before for this and it allows you to upload all the content you have created into the calendar and it will automatically post for you on a specific date and time that you choose so that you can free up your own life and not worry about having to be on the platform at a specific time.

From what I know Later now auto-posts carrousel posts on Instagram as well as regular posts it doesn’t however auto-post reels but in this case, you can have Later send you a…



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