3 Hacks On How To Be Consistent On Instagram

Photo by Magnus Andersson on Unsplash

Create a Routine

I have gone through many phases in my online journey and one of them was just being able to get myself to post. After much trial and error and inconsistency, I figured out that the best way for me be consistent was to create a routine around Instagram. And I know, we make hundreds of excuses on why we don’t have time for this but it’s an easy shift that you can make and if you want, really stick with it.

Schedule Your Posts

Now I have been that person that goes on and off of using third-party apps to schedule my content however if you’re having issues being consistent posting this can really help you. I’ve used Later before for this and it allows you to upload all the content you have created into the calendar and it will automatically post for you on a specific date and time that you choose so that you can free up your own life and not worry about having to be on the platform at a specific time.

Create A Reminder To Engage

Third-party apps may post things for us but they don’t auto-engage on other users’ posts and if you figured anything out about social media in general is that like the word says, you need to engage with other people’s content to see any engagement on your own posts. Now if like me you can get caught up with time, I’ve noticed that if I put a memo on my phone to remind me to engage on Instagram I end up doing it rather than just ghosting my followers once I’ve posted.



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Ashley Tavares

Ashley Tavares

World traveler, almost 30 millennial, writing about being a digital nomad, online business, travel, and personal development.